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What is customer service ? The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service

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Want access to David's New, in-depth customer service training? Visit http://www.purecustomerservice.com/p/youtube and enroll in the Pure Customer Service Training Program today! In this YouTube Video, learn "What is customer service? The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service" in this complimentary video series from business coach and consultant, David Brownlee. CEO of Pure Customer Service and founder of www.PureCustomerService.com and The Pure Customer Service Training Program, 8 Secrets To Create Raving Fan Clients. Call or email us today to find out we can help grow your business through coaching, consulting or our training programs www.PureCustomerService.com Customer service is more than waiting on customers. It includes trying to exceed customer expectations. More common retail and customer service interview questions and sample answers are a good place to start. Customer service is the service provided to customers before, during and after purchasing and using goods and services. Good customer service provides an avenue for follow up. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. According to David Brownlee and the www.purecustomerservice.com "Customer service is a series of 7 essentials to excellent customer service. Mar 2, 2013 -- Customer service is the practice of providing customers with a positive, helpful experience. Good customer service must include 7 essentials and a great customer service training company like davidbrownlee.com. For the Institute of Customer Service "Customer service is the sum total of what an organization does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction. Customer service is important because customer service does more than simply provide a means to drive sales. It is also said that when companies have a stong customer service program, customers keep coming back. Definition of customer service: All interactions between a customer and a product provider at the time of sale, and thereafter. Customer service adds value to a customer and their overall experience with your company. Can you answer these Sales and Customer Service questions? I am handling a training session on customer service for the public works department of a city near you. The enhancement of customer service is the driving force behind the redefinition project. It is important to David Brownlee and Associates that all staff know the 7 essentials to excellent customer service. Why Is Excellent Customer Service So Rare? Five Needs of Every Customer. External and Internal Customers. Customer Attributes. Cost of Losing a Customer can be huge. A customer service advisor, or CSA, (also customer service associate and customer service representative) is a generic job title in the service industry. It covers a broad spectrum of jobs. Customer care involves putting systems in place to maximize your customers' satisfaction with your business. Sales and profitability rely on ensuring your customer loyalty. Feb 6, 2013 -- David Brownlee also blogs here. "Customer Service is about creating a relationship of trust and loyalty with customers that transcends the interaction of the company and their clients. Customer Care refers to systems in the business place that will maximize your customers' satisfaction with your business. Learn more now! (800) 299-3449. May 5, 2013 -- Customer service is helping a customer with any issues or concerns they may have on a product or anything else relating to the place at which you find yourself and your company. Jan 25, 2013 -- Many marketers are evaluating what role customer experience and customer service should have in their 2013 marketing goals. The answer is easy. www.purecustomerservice.com Mar 7, 2012 -- The ultimate guide to the question: What Is Customer Service? 19 experts from customer service, small business, and marketing share their expertise. Customer service handles company issues in stores, over the phone and even by email. Companies that produce highly technical products, such as software or hardware need to do an exceptional job. Oct 5, 2012 -- "I can't get in touch with my customer service rep is something you hear all too often. I need to talk to someone about my bill. Please call me." David Brownlee (800) 299-3449 can answer all of your customer service training questions. Some surprising studies, stories, and documentaries have come out about customer service, and they could change the way you run your business. Experts from www.purecustomerservice.com are awesome.
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Progress Bisolomi (7 months ago)
CoachDavidBrownlee (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Base Stone (7 months ago)
Excellent! Very informative and easy to understand. Thank you.
CoachDavidBrownlee (6 months ago)
Your very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!
Roland Lawrence (7 months ago)
Dear David I hate my customers. My question is how can I have a better relationship with my customers? Please let me know. God will bless u David. Peace out! 😎 ps I work in retail (I am also a rapper/beatmaker) but would maybe like to own A business one day my question pertains to my current retail job. Many thanks David. You the best!
Floyd Hudson (7 months ago)
Sarvjeet Bains (7 months ago)
It’s a great video with lots of information.. helpful to me. Thanks a lot...
Margie Russell (8 months ago)
Thanks David! Your video training is very helpful and motivating.
Alegna T (8 months ago)
Thank you so much! It was short but excellent .
Kum Kie Choong (8 months ago)
Great vid with great information, thanks coach
Bagescott1234 19941992 (8 months ago)
Greetings David, I AM Douglas from Jamaica I am into industrial security location superior, thanks for the lesson.
SFB 415 (9 months ago)
I hate that I half as things An d not really give fully my all on the important stuff like just a careless dude I don't know why it is this video just gave me a push to smile more but my lack of information kills me in giving to people how do you build that ?
Moses Ishola (10 months ago)
I just want to thank this video & CoachdavidBrownlee. After watching this video a night before my interview with Duke Energy. I got the job! This video really set my confidence, how to rapport with customers on the phone. Thank you once again.
Camille Bevans (10 months ago)
Thanks for this video, it was great actionable advice!
GRANT G.K AGAMA (10 months ago)
customer service is the best in daily activities, you always acknowledged your customer at your  work places and your offices, with a smileThis Training has giving me more ideas
amara kaoroma (10 months ago)
Hi, I really appreciate your presentation, it gave me an in-depth of how to handle my client as Customer Service Representative. Viva to you Mr. David.
glass popper (10 months ago)
Thanks nigga
steven andrade (11 months ago)
I called Luciani Infiniti they had erase my file out of there system and don’t want me to service my car no more at there place because while back I posted a comment THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS AT INFINITY DEALER DOWMTOWN. FORGOT TO PUT THE BOLT FOR MY REAR BRAKES.... BEWARE.....this is how much I payed 6 years ago I would use all my energy to show everyone what you guys are all about
farahfuzi007 (11 months ago)
Thank you David ! Your video helps a lot for my training class next two weeks 😍 Actually..I did create my own accronym..LRT F..which stand for Listen Respond Take action & Follow up. However I found that ur points are way much better. :) keep up ur good job !
Ms. Sacha Aurora (11 months ago)
Thank you so much. My industry is full of men and they do come across as creepy. I have no clue how to stop it so I don't smile or anything.... But then they complain and call me all kinds of negative names. What can I do? Any advice is helpful.
Kaysha Gay (1 year ago)
Thank you, well explained video.
Pionero Solutions (1 year ago)
There is a FREE app to collect customer satisfaction - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=solutions.pionero.rateourservice&hl=en
Watkins (1 year ago)
Great video!!!!! Small to mid size businesses could definitely benefit from your services. 👍
Haile boss (1 year ago)
souad ramdani (1 year ago)
im a spanish study and i have to do a power point exposition and i liked you video but you talk very fast and y didnt get all that you said if you can help me i want all ther things that you said but you didnt wrote
Josué Roses (1 year ago)
This is great because I work in customer service and I'm learning how to improve the experience they receive, also I will start my own bussiness in January, I really apprecciate your video, it's very helpful.
joan elias (1 year ago)
thank you guy I was having a lot problem with the customers in my new job, and i great you this video. really, i was need it.
c buckets (1 year ago)
hey, question; how does the Internet help companies gain customer input on their existing and new products? thanks
Zeb Scurrah (1 year ago)
Hi David, I am completing a Certificate III in Business and this video was recommended to watch. I also work in Customer Service and I plan on making that my career. This video provides amazing information that I can relate to and use on a daily basis! Thanks heaps!
Dan Menzies (1 year ago)
Thanks David. Some solid advice I will share with my team. All the best
Bloggin Brandi (1 year ago)
Great video. Gives me some ideas to think on. We can always be improving.
Jude (1 year ago)
Very good.
shy heart (1 year ago)
what is the difference between customer service and professional customer service?
Rexor Dilag (1 year ago)
Thanks David! This video helps me a lot to provide an Excellent customer service to our clients! :D
Maisaa AlAdomi (1 year ago)
Gooodmadvice .thanks
Eduardo Torress (1 year ago)
Your business information please for customer service pls
CCT T (1 year ago)
Excellent and very helpful video. I work in customer service and wanted to update and understand some of the basics, this video was easy to follow and helpful.
Missbeauty H (1 year ago)
Thank you for this useful information loved the break down as I have meeting on Sunday this has helped me to explain more about customer service 👍👍👍
Andre Ali (1 year ago)
Hello Mr. David I have worked in the healthcare field for the past few years now, and I have always wondered how I can covey to a possible employer that I have people skills in my resume. Please help me figure this out thanks.
Andrew Mitchell (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video David! I am a sales representative currently however, we constantly deal with customers who have a rough experience with companies in our industry. Have you had those people apply these skills as well?
Mohammad Omar (1 year ago)
Excellent way of teaching, very good example!
carine mulumba (1 year ago)
This is great
Lori Esposito (1 year ago)
great tips! If you are not providing customer service to your customers, you are doing your business a dis-service~ Your customers want to hear from YOU~
Emileah Resh (1 year ago)
I'm here because I accidentally clicked on the video.. but now I know more about customer services😉
Divita Livingston (1 year ago)
What are the types of customer service ?
nestal nevers (1 year ago)
thanks for this advice
Shalashongy Bolding (1 year ago)
What about if I had a miss understanding and I solve it by asking a lot of questions this could make the customer angry little bit what can I do.
Alsadig Alimam (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot Mr. David.!
Cleopas Madzudzo (1 year ago)
Excellent practical ideas thank you
Hà Trần (1 year ago)
hello! thank for your best tips, I will get guest service in hotel in VietNam, this tips will be important for me in new job, I will always remember when I contact with my guest. thank you so much and wait for your new clíp.
Vaidam Sehat (1 year ago)
Hi Sir. I work for a company as a costumer service agent. the company provides medical services outside the county. my job is to give the costumer enough information and persuade them to use our services to go for treatment to foreign countries. what could be some of the most important steps for me to take to do my job perfectly????? thank you.
RetiredTeacher David (1 year ago)
Example of bad customer service that I recently experienced. RoboLinux Beware of these guys if you want an 8.1 solution, they will pretend to build the vm convert app for you but do not deliver. They have stopped communicating with me. I bought the first part. Now they have refused to get me the second part. They seemed to be claiming I owe them an additional $150 that was not ever discussed in our many emails in the last two days. This whole process has been confusing. They claimed they provided tech support of over 25 minutes when the product was not even ready to be installed. The emails were about the process of getting 8.1 to work not tech support. BUYER BEWARE PS: Since this post I have been accused of spreading lies with this post above. I will add a caveat that I found where tech support said they were still working on the solution. The email process of tech support and Gmail process of compressing messages caused me to miss this. I asked for a link and was told to wait for the solution. I have been accused by the owner of Robolinux.org of not being able to read. This whole process has been confusing to me. I am not technically illiterate. If this process is difficult for me, I can only imagine how confusing it would be to someone who actually had very little technical ability which seems to be the market these folks are working with. I got a harsh email from the owner saying he was terminating tech support I guess meaning he will no longer communicate. I have never liked bullies. I will acknowledge where I have made an error like I did here. I will not back down because someone has poor customer service. I am out a small amount of money. I am continuing this process to perhaps warn others of the challenges in this company's communication process. You will be billed for process emails. If you need tech support beyond that you will have to pay additional for each 30 minute block. The email system of tech support is awkward especially with replies buried within the entire history as handled by the email client. The whole process is confusing. Their site is confusing. Their tech support is confusing. I missed a critical part of their communication. I have admitted that. They have admitted nothing. They have stopped communicating with me again. Their hours of operation have complicated the whole process. The are open in the mornings for about four hours EST. I am CST which means about two actual hours for me. Then they are open again in the evenings. I understand they may be a small business. I do not understand why their confusing processes have to be my fault. I do not understand why I have to pay process email time instead of actual tech support. Then when I try to get clarification, which I asked for over and over, not just this morning, I am confused and feel mislead. I tried to get better communication. I do not get it. I posted my frustration with the post above and the companies response is to accuse me of being a nasty abusive customer and all services are terminated. PPS: I am blocked by robolinux.org email server Robolinux Global NOC Admin 7:52 PM (6 minutes ago) to me Refused by smtp server. ​Please read this post before making assumptions. I am not promoting robolinux.org. I am merely putting their sites here to identify them. If that is a problem, I will remove the site links. https://www.robolinux.org https://plus.google.com/s/robolinux https://twitter.com/robolinux https://www.facebook.com/pages/Robolinux/334352886... https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRobolinux
Kirk Clarke (1 year ago)
great video
MARIA DIAZ (1 year ago)
thank you for your helpful video.
S. Vilst (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. Really helpful.. I have two questions and will appreciated having your answers thanks 1- how would you go about resolving a customer's issue that is not covered under our Return Policies? 2- how would you address an issue that was not covered in your training, and work to resolve it?
Speed Racer (1 year ago)
brilliant and Mr. Brownlee is an great communicator of concepts here
khan Jee (1 year ago)
Mr Brown Lee thank u so much for giving important pointsabout customer service...I learn a lot of things from ur video...plz make more videos
khan Jee (1 year ago)
Okk sir thanks a lot...
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Thanks Khan! I just released 3 new videos. More to come. Like my page at Facebook, Coach David Brownlee and you can get my live videos as well. I am glad you are getting great value from my videos. Cheers, David
Chill Pill (1 year ago)
Hi David! Im actually studying for my exam and your video is very helpful !! Huge thanks
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
My pleasure! Good luck on your exam and let me know if you would like more free training and I'll hook you up. www.purecustomerservice.com/p/free
Evo Taxis (1 year ago)
The first 7 minutes are very useful for any public-facing service role.
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Thanks guys! I hope you are getting great value from the training! If you want more FREE training, visit me at www.PureCustomerService.com
Tony Boy Blue xD (1 year ago)
Thanks coach David. it helped me a lot especially during this time that i am currently applying for a customer service job. Great tips and really helpful thoughts you've shared. really grateful on this video of yours. Salute! :)
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
My pleasure Tony! If you want more FREE training, visit me here: www.purecustomerservice.com/p/free. I'll send you training straight to your inbox. Cheers - David
h Mohammd (1 year ago)
Hay how are you can I have your help to complete my thesis related to my MBA about how to make customer service funny
h Mohammd (1 year ago)
Thank you alot for your support you are really great thanks again
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
I believe so. Go for it!
h Mohammd (1 year ago)
Sorry for bothering but is it a good topic or not
Liby Lis (1 year ago)
Wow truly smart and very good looking too with all the respect to his spouse.
website doesn't work?
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Hey there! My new FREE training is all set to go for you. Go to www.PureCustomerService.com and tell me your name and email address on the homepage and I will send you your videos, templates and scripts. Enjoy! Cheers, David
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
You're right! I apologize. We are switching platforms. It will all be up and running next month. In the meantime, connect with me at davidbrownlee.com or purecustomerservice.com. I appreciate you and look forward to connecting. Cheers, David
Char Atkinson-Shergur (1 year ago)
My philosophy!
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Thank you Charlotte! I hope you got great value from the video. Please let me know if there is ever anyway that I can serve you or your clients. Connect with me at Coach David Brownlee on Facebook and please share this video on YOUR favorite social media page (LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tiwtter, Facebook, etc.) so that I can serve someone you know that needs to hear the message :) Thanks so much! I look forward to connecting with you! If you would like to dive deeper into the content, find me at davidbrownlee.com or purecustomerservice.com. Wishing you all the best! - David
Eduardo Blino (1 year ago)
Excellent presentation Sir. Thank you.
Yilak Fantaye (1 year ago)
cgardel56 great video
Linda Ransom (1 year ago)
I found your tips to be very educational.. smiles. thank you
Dijonne Stricklen (1 year ago)
wonderful video thanks a lot.
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Thank you Dijonne! I hope you got great value from the video. Email me your challenges at [email protected] Please let me know if there is ever anyway that I can serve you or your clients. Connect with me at Coach David Brownlee on Facebook and please share this video on YOUR favorite social media page (LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tiwtter, Facebook, etc.) so that I can serve someone you know that needs to hear the message :) Thanks so much! I look forward to connecting with you! If you would like to dive deeper into the content, find me at davidbrownlee.com or purecustomerservice.com. Wishing you all the best! - David
Dijonne Stricklen (1 year ago)
very interesting video thanks a lot .
River Grove (1 year ago)
HI David! We are using your video to train our team on Day 1! Thank you
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Your welcome River! I hope you got great value from the video. Connect with me at PureCustomerService.com and we will make sure we get your team trained up right. Please let me know if there is ever anyway that I can serve you or your clients. Connect with me at Coach David Brownlee on Facebook and please share this video on YOUR favorite social media page (LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tiwtter, Facebook, etc.) so that I can serve someone you know that needs to hear the message :) Thanks so much! I look forward to connecting with you! If you would like to dive deeper into the content, find me at davidbrownlee.com or purecustomerservice.com. Wishing you all the best! - David
trryhn (1 year ago)
Great training. I love that it was straight to the point and didn't waste my time with self promotions for other trainings. 12 1/2 minutes of training done in 12 1/2 minutes, not 60 minutes to get to the 12 1/2 minutes. Will definitely search out more trainings by David Brownlee!
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. I do have some new trainings coming your way this month. Cheers - David
Yassine Alawi (1 year ago)
bravoo your amazin supper
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Thank you Yassine! I hope you got great value from the video. Please let me know if there is ever anyway that I can serve you or your clients. Connect with me at Coach David Brownlee on Facebook and please share this video on YOUR favorite social media page (LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tiwtter, Facebook, etc.) so that I can serve someone you know that needs to hear the message :) Thanks so much! I look forward to connecting with you! If you would like to dive deeper into the content, find me at davidbrownlee.com or purecustomerservice.com. Wishing you all the best! - David
We as a training academy use an open source e-learning platform “moodle” for our students. We would like your permission to embed your video on our platform, which will serve as an additional resource to our students and garner more views for your channel. We guarantee that the embedded video will be in use as per the Youtube terms of use and no modification of the video will be made in terms of its content or its user accessibility. If we do not get any confirmation from you by 31st Jan 2017, we would consider having your consent.
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Sorry, cannot great that permission here. Please each out to my team at [email protected] Cheers - David
Mutoni Larissa (1 year ago)
MATTIA NORBIATO (1 year ago)
Great value thank you
Thank you for the information. I believe that customer service is one of the most important aspect of any business. You can have the hottest product in the market, but if your employees lack customer service skills, you will not success in life.
Trtlman1982 (1 year ago)
Super awesome video, thanks so much for this. As a current sales associate at a department store this will come in very handy.
Beauty Spot (1 year ago)
love it love it loooooove it!!!!!!
Dennis Bryant (2 years ago)
Great Video! Thanks for the info!
Thero Madziba (2 years ago)
I never felt this kind of relief before. I am a receptionist in a 5* lodge and this right here is great
Nkechi Margret (2 years ago)
i have learn more in this thank you Davide
luis angulo (11 months ago)
Thanks for your tranning video. That was really useful.
Grygorii Latyshev (2 years ago)
Thank You! Brief and understandable! Best wishes from Ukraine!
Rod Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Great presenter. good content. Horrible graphics! David, splurge on the graphic slides.
Glory Fernandes (2 years ago)
Hey David, very helpful video. I have a doubt, need your help.. recently working for a customer care service.. how do I ask for the order number ? what is more appropriate to use.. can you provide me with the order number ? or may I have the order number ? Pls guide.. how do I frame the sentences..
CoachDavidBrownlee (1 year ago)
Thank you Glory! Email me your challenges and we'll see if we can overcome them together. I hope you got great value from the video. Let's deep dive together and help you overcome this challenge. Contact me at [email protected] Please let me know if there is ever anyway that I can serve you or your clients. Connect with me at Coach David Brownlee on Facebook and please share this video on YOUR favorite social media page (LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tiwtter, Facebook, etc.) so that I can serve someone you know that needs to hear the message :) Thanks so much! I look forward to connecting with you! If you would like to dive deeper into the content, find me at davidbrownlee.com or purecustomerservice.com. Wishing you all the best! - David
Bonnie Tucker (2 years ago)
I only got through the first three things to remember. I want to work for you. I currently work in food retail. Just listening to you talk while typing is giving me more intiative to give good customer service.
Lela Williams (2 years ago)
Excellent advise. Thank you. I am seeking employment as a customer service rep!!! I feel prepared, after hearing you.
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Congratulations Lela! Best of luck to you.
true travel stories (2 years ago)
Just watched your video and found it really useful for students to learn from, thanks!
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Excellent! You are very welcome. For more in depth training, visit me at www.rockstarcustomerservice.com Cheers, David
sd sd (2 years ago)
Your really helpful you boosted allot for people
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thank you for your kind words Nazim. That's why we do it!
Vy Nguyen (2 years ago)
Thank you it is very very helful
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Hi Vy, thank you for your comment. I am glad you got value from the training.
Tristan Schneider (2 years ago)
Excellent video!
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thanks Tristan!
ma va (2 years ago)
Good advices . Thank you .
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Your welcome Ma. For more in depth customer service training, visit me at www.RockStarCustomerService.com. Cheers, David
Jennifer Courtney (2 years ago)
Thanks Coach David for this training! I use this in one of my trainings with my Pampered Chef TEAM :)
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Nice! Your very welcome Jennifer. Let put together a custom training for you. Visit me at www.PureCustomerService.com. We'll crush it together. Cheers, David
diana montie (2 years ago)
Thank you David, this was an excellent video for polishing my customer service skills. I'd advise others to subscribe too, because I believe it'll be of great help to many others. Keep it up. Regards Diana
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thanks Diana. My pleasure. I am looking forward to serving you and the community with more videos next year!
Gina Mccain (2 years ago)
thank you Mr. Brownlee I learned a lot I am a 51 year old lady that is going to take a customer service test and is a little afraid haven't took a test like that in over 20 years how do I over come my fears
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Hi Gina! Follow your heart! If you are perpetuating kindness and caring in your customer service, you are doing it right! If you want more in depth training to really build up your confidence, visit me at www.RockStarCustomerService.com. There are some resources that can really help you out. Best of luck!
Grace msoh (2 years ago)
Wow the perfect teacher online thank you
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thank you Grace. I truly appreciate your compliment!
ron denhollander (2 years ago)
Customer service training companies don't tailor the training for use in food service. McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King , Taco Bell etc do not train employees how to be a service person to customers.
Flameshardd (1 year ago)
ron denhollander because the salary is low and they can be easily removed
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing Ron. The best way to improve is to dive deeper into customer service training. You can start that journey here: www.RockStarCustomerService.com. Let's do this together!
Bart Smith (2 years ago)
great explanation about the 7 essentials
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thanks Bart!
Spiritchèl Forstin (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for your help. I ve an interview tomorrow for the position of Guest Relations Manager. I hope to be hired!
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Good luck Spiritchel! You got this!
GamersRoost (2 years ago)
Excellent pillars and examples. Also, you could do impersonations of Casey Kasem.
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Lol! Thanks.
Breana Charie Naea (2 years ago)
I am not a great speaker, but I don't want to mess up in my interview for retail tomorrow. any advice??
Cabdi Samad (2 years ago)
Breana Charie Naea (2 years ago)
Thank you! It passed but I moved on to a second interview.
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Relax, stay focused on what you provide in value and smile. Have fun and get to know your interviewer. Build rapport and you will be fine. Best of luck!
Hi Sir, I am going to start my first job as a CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER in Australia regarding Supermarket. I have done Customer Relationship Management & Human Resources Management, this video was just like I have studied. But you teaching style is extremely professional it was very useful for me. Need more professional points to keep in mind while serving the Customers. Thanks
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thank you! It's my pleasure to serve you! If you want more training, visit me at www.PureCustomerService.com. We'll take excellent care of you. Cheers, David
Saifu Ahmed (2 years ago)
thank you sir
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
You're welcome Saifu!
Confined To Success (2 years ago)
Very helpful summary, thank you David! I've included it in my post: http://confinedtosuccess.com/customer-service-jobs-for-the-disabled
CoachDavidBrownlee (2 years ago)
Thank you! Great post :)

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