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Types of Feasibility Study

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Explain various types of feasibility study. There’re four types of feasibility study, described below. - Technical: Technical feasibility is study of available technical resources at disposal and how we can make use of these resources to introduce a product or service The following are the various resources that are examined under technical feasibility. - Technology (both software and hardware) - Manpower - Transportation - Location etc - Financial: This includes the assessment of - Initial investment - Various sources to procure the capital - ROI (return on investment) - Market: This includes assessment of - The type of industry being setup - Prevailing market - Future market growth/prospects - Competitors - Potential Customers - Projection of sales - Organizational: The organizational feasibility focuses on whether the business is capable of meeting its goals or objectives or not. This includes the study of - how the business is structured - legal structure of the business - the management team’s competency, professional skills and experience Additional content on this topic can be found at http://www.eduxir.com/curriculum/cbse/class-xi/entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial-journey/
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mohammed hani (9 days ago)
Thank you for the video , please may i know how to make a feasibility study for farming.
Eduxir (9 days ago)
Thank you @mohammed hani, you can refer http://www.booker-tate.co.uk/products-services/agricultural-feasibility-studies/
MEME ketty (3 months ago)
Thank you for this video , its very nice and clear , can you please make one about " how to make a feasibility study " ? Please
Eduxir (3 months ago)
Thank you @MEME ketty. We'll consider your request for future videos.
Arbaz Shaikh (3 months ago)
Arbaz Shaikh (3 months ago)
Eduxir can you plz tell me how technical feasibility works according to software and hardware?
Eduxir (3 months ago)
Thank you @Arbaz Shaikh
PRAHLAD VERMAN (5 months ago)
Ty sir I watching this Vedio Before 5 hours of exams.... And i am Previous year topper of my college.
Eduxir (5 months ago)
Hi @PRAHLAD VERMAN, congratulations on being the topper. Keep it up. Also, thank you very much for sharing with us. I'm glad to know that we were of help. Excellent job done from your side too. Happy Learning.
Abhijit rawat (7 months ago)
plz can u tell me which software is used by you to create this video
Eduxir (7 months ago)
hi.... You can find the details in the comments section of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HshJ86-DuUA
FLYING NINJA TECH (11 months ago)
Nice sir
Eduxir (11 months ago)
+FLYING NINJA TECH thank you for your time to provide feedback

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