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Types of Production Processes

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This video on the types of production processes explains the basic concept of production systems and goes on to explain the various types of production processes along with their characteristics. This video gives a basic understanding of the production processes and explains how the various kinds of production processes work, along with their advantages and limitations. It is a must see video for all the students of operations and production management. The language is lucid to suit all the students of business management, both from undergraduate to post graduate levels and would be a quick refresher for the entrepreneurs and practitioners.
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Alex raj (8 days ago)
Very useful to me sir....Thank you..
Beat Khalifa Official (1 month ago)
plz dont put the music tracks in your video...its very disturbing and sleepy...
Thanaphat Hemthanon (1 month ago)
can i get PDF?
Mosarrat Perveen (1 month ago)
Dnt use background music in ur videos
This is a good lesson. May you upload more lessons
MCunha (5 months ago)
Great video! Thanks!
محمد السعيد (7 months ago)
Very interested
pazhamalai nathan (9 months ago)
So good and knowledgeable
Santhosh Kumar (10 months ago)
Great sir
Barry Schanz (10 months ago)
Thank you for your attention to the audience with your clear presentation and delivery of the message.
Lets Understand Business (10 months ago)
Thank you for the wonderful comment!
Le Macaronz Boutique (11 months ago)
I found it interesting lecture ,I was distracted by the music in the background,, thanks
Lets Understand Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for the valuable feedback. Would take care in the future lectures.
Moein Jalalian (11 months ago)
Hi, thank you for the video. It was very helpful. I have a question, there are several papers about batch scheduling in process industries. Could you please clarify that how it can be possible to have batches in process operation system؟ Thanks again
Lets Understand Business (11 months ago)
What you are talking about is a batch production system, where even though the variety of output is large yet smaller batches of similarly designed outputs can be bunched together for efficiency. I hope this clarifies your doubt.
mika hag (11 months ago)
10 Q for sharing very helpful knowledge!
vikas tiwari (1 year ago)
Raja D (1 year ago)
best futures
Raja D (1 year ago)
best future
Raja D (1 year ago)
best future
Spyros Bonatsos (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for the enlightening video and information. An operating Theater (where surgeries are performed) would you call it a Job Shop environment? Thanks again - Spyros
Yes, I would if the operating theater is used to perform general surgeries of all kinds.
Narendra T (1 year ago)
can u give me ur email id?
tamrat tesema (1 year ago)
It is an interesting video to grasp types of production processes
RIchu Goyal (1 year ago)
can i get the PDF?
Bilal Malik (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Rahil sha Diwan (1 year ago)
sir pharmaceutical industry is which type of production process
Rahil sha Diwan (1 year ago)
thank you so much sir you solved all my querys
Thanks for asking, I hope you have seen the video. Before I state anything, let me tell you that what I discussed in the video is for theoretical understanding of the production processes. In actual scenario, due to various reasons the demarcation among the various types of production processes may be a blurred. The case of pharmaceutical industry is somewhat also like that. A pharmaceutical industry can work its production units as continuous production system, yet government norms require it to prescribe expiry dates. This results in the production process to be modified as a batch production system. Thus while the manufacturing process for a pharmaceutical industry can be a mass production or a flow production, depending upon the kind of the final output, the regulations imply a batch production system. I hope that answers your query.
guna ranjan (1 year ago)
Informative and in line to the basics
Sarvesh Kumar (1 year ago)
Thona hindi fhi use karo bhi
Anupam Kumar (1 year ago)
Dear Mach eng Sarvesh, Thanks for the suggestion. I shall try and start a Hindi version of the channel as well, however it may take some time.
Subhashree Palai (1 year ago)
thanks a lot very helpfull
Thanks for writing in!
mamta lohuni (1 year ago)
nice.👌 helps a lot...
Thanks for writing in!
Techno Logic (1 year ago)
Divya Mehta (1 year ago)
Your videos are always educational. the concept's become easy to understand.
Thanks for the comment.
Divya Mehta (1 year ago)
Can u provide me with some info about "Strategic marketing management for services"?? i have exam after two days and i have no clue what it is.
You may try my notes on the platform www.authorstream.com. Perhaps, that might help.
Divya Mehta (1 year ago)
you're right. but can u help me with emailing some notes??
All the best for your exams. I do not think I will be able to upload anything in such a short notice. Kindly excuse.

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