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Distribution Strategy - An Introduction

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An introduction to the subject of Distribution Strategy and an overview of some of the tools and theories available in connection with determining the Place (Distribution Channel) of a product or a service. This video is aimed at Marketing Management students.
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sa online (1 month ago)
Tanx a lot this is very informative
Tine Wade (24 days ago)
You are very welcome. I am glad to hear that you found the video informative. Thank you for leaving your comment. Regards, Tine
Fabio (5 months ago)
Please repost with better audio
Tine Wade (5 months ago)
Fabio A., Thank you for your request. You are right, the audio quality on this production could be better. This was one of my first productions when my audio quality skills were at an early stage of development :) I have since improved, and should I get the spare time, I will consider re-producing and re-posting. I hope you were able to benefit from the video anyway. All the best. Regards, Tine
Skylightatdusk (6 months ago)
Hello. Thanks for posting. What percentage margin do distributors usually expect? Happy for a range and factors that can influence higher or lower percentages. Thanks.
Tine Wade (5 months ago)
Skylight at dusk, Hello. And thank you for your comment. In my experience, distributor margins differ greatly. And many factors will influence this. For example, it will depend on the industry, - how competitive it is, how many distributors and brands (or how many value chains) are competing for the same business. Also, what type of product category it is. In some cases variable rates depending on volume sold are used. I would always recommend that the particular industry in question be researched to get a better idea of what to expect. Sorry, I can't provide a general percentage range. I think it would be unsuitable. I wish you the very best of luck with your work. Regards, Tine Wade.
Ravindra Rayala (7 months ago)
Hi Tina. Very insightful video. Wondering whether you have a video on Distribution Terms & Conditions & Targets? Appreciate that. Kind Regards - Ravi
Tine Wade (6 months ago)
Dear Ravindra Rayala. I am pleased to hear that you found the video useful. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Unfortunately, I haven't made a video about terms and conditions. The only other video I have made, which is related somewhat to distribution strategy is the video about the choice of entry mode in connection with an organization's internationalization process (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8-PkFgw2Yk). Although it is related, it doesn't quite cover what you are looking for, I'm afraid. I wish you the best of luck finding the knowledge you need. Regards, Tine
Ricardo Rodriguez (8 months ago)
This help with nothing, just states the obvious. The key thing is how the fuck do you get the supplies.
Tine Wade (7 months ago)
Dear Ricardo Rodriguez. I am sorry to hear that the video wasn't helpful to you. I would however ask you to refrain from using inappropriate language on my channel. Thank you. I wish you the best of luck with establishing the supplies that you are looking for. Regards, Tine
King Ingram (8 months ago)
Let's get this money
SCARRIOR (8 months ago)
Talks like a professional, can't afford a decent microphone...
Tine Wade (7 months ago)
Dear Scarrior. Apoligies for my delayed reply to your comment. This video production was one of my first, and you are absolutely right, the sound quality could be better. Choice of microphone and using the perfect settings takes time to learn. In my experience the loud speakers used when playing the video also impacts the experienced sound quality. I found a big difference between playing the video through my pc speakers and through a good head set. I hope you were able to benefit from the content anyway. Regards, Tine
Hansen Tumbelaka (1 year ago)
thank you..;)
Tine Wade (1 year ago)
Hello Tumbelaka Hansen. You are welcome :-) Regards, Tine.
shreekunj patel (1 year ago)
for destribution in india visit:http://www.shreekunjgroup.com/
yeck Paule (1 year ago)
this video made me understand more...its really helpful...thanks...
yeck Paule (1 year ago)
I made my rep0rt clearer than ever it made them understand the th0ught of my t0pic. ..thdm easier way. . Thanks very much. . G0dbless and m0re p0wer. . . .
Tine Wade (1 year ago)
Dear Yeck Paule. You are very welcome. Thank you for your comment. I am pleased to hear that you found the video helpful.
William Barry (1 year ago)
A concise Marketing Overview.  Very fruitful!
Tine Wade (1 year ago)
Dear William Barry. I am pleased to read that you have found the video to be a good overview. Overview is exactly what I am going for. My belief is, that if an overall understanding of the subject and its applicability is established, interest in learning more is sparked. Thank you for sharing your comment. Kind regards, Tine Wade.
Daniel Nicolas (1 year ago)
Hi,  I manufacture packaged foods (cookies and granola) I would like to get other people to sell for me.  Any suggestions?  Here is my website: www.frenchcookies.com
Tine Wade (1 year ago)
Hi Daniel. As mentioned in the video, many factors should influence your choice of distribution channel setup. I suggest that you go through the different factors mentioned in the video, apply them to your case, and see in which direction this takes you. This should give you a good start. I wish you the best of luck with finding the best possible distribution setup for your business. Regards, Tine.
Samrat Mitra (1 year ago)
Samrat Mitra (1 year ago)
Ur welcome
Tine Wade (1 year ago)
Thank you for your comment, Samrat Mitra.
kedanpie4409 (1 year ago)
Very very clear and concise. Thank you very much. It helps a lot.
Tine Wade (1 year ago)
Thank you for your feedback. I am happy to hear that you find the video useful.
supercomplex9 (2 years ago)
This was a very informative video. Thank you for taking these efforts for us!
Tine Wade (2 years ago)
Thank you for your comment. I am pleased to hear that you are finding the video useful.
Nitin V (2 years ago)
can we get more videos?
Tine Wade (2 years ago)
I am pleased that you are finding my videos useful. I will make more as soon as I can.
chirag sanadhya (2 years ago)
Tine Wade (2 years ago)
I am pleased you found the video useful :-)

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